Last Love Poems: Between love and friendship

July 22, 2017

By Eddy Montilla.

If you see her someday, there is nothing you have to say.

When time and distance presage the worst,

bare silence is better than plain words.

Show her your best smile, raise your head

and keep calm instead.

And she will come to understand

how sad sadness can be,

how deeply it can bore through your soul.

Talk to her about everything, but don’t tell her anything.

A long time has passed

and time says things, and it also betrays…

Please, don’t tell her anything…

don’t tell her how I have been,

If I smile or cry, if I cry or smile,

if I still go out in the evenings

for my long walks,

not a single word to her.

Don’t tell her the way I live; don’t tell her the way I’m dying.

If I can neither live in the present nor forget my past,

if I buried my future or I’m still looking for it,

if I joke as I did to make people laugh,

to hide my taciturn heart,

If my saddest poems come in autumn or spring,

just raise your head, show your smile, don’t tell her anything

because dry leaves are blown by the wind,

but the wind is also blown by the dry leaves.

If you see her someday, don’t show her anything.

Neither show her pictures nor videos.

That only helps to engender rumours

that will die at first light.

To recall distant memories and surf on the waves of nostalgia

will not make me grow, will not increase my hopes.

Today, at this point of my life,

I leave those things for a special night:

My room in half-light,

with Spanish Serrano ham and Manchego cheese

and a glass of red wine to nurture treasured memories.

If you see her some day,

keep walking forever, but stop for a while.

We both loved her and neither of us had her.

We both lost her. It’s time to forget.

You loved her outside; I loved her inside.

I loved her soul; you loved her smile.

We are friends, friends with ties,

ties that bind us to a friendship that will never die.

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Last Love Poems: If I could back to my past…

February 28, 2017


By Eddy Montilla.

If I could go back to my past, I would have told her “Yes!” to whom so many times I told her “No!”

I would have kissed my best friend on that rainy night after class,

the only opportunity I had, the only thing she really asked.

I still remember that rainy night…

Walking together under one umbrella,

full of dreams, full of hopes.

She, perhaps, looking for something different and similar,

and I, for sure, without even knowing how to react.

If I could go back to my past, I would have told her “No!” to whom I told her “Yes!”

because when it comes to love, half love is worse than nothing.

I would have taken more risks,

I would have drowned my fears for the future

and would have taken more actions in the present.

If I could go back to my past,

I would have cultivated more roses instead of waiting for shooting stars.

I would have walked more on the sand, barefoot, singing a song,

enjoying the sea, looking at the horizon while trying to find mine.

I would have gone more frequently to the park where she used to walk

and have walked less with my loneliness.

If I could… Only Lord knows how many things I would have done
If I could…

But I can’t.

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Last Love Poems: She went away…

July 18, 2016

By Eddy Montilla.

IMAGE: Eddy Montilla

Image: Eddy Montilla

She went away…

Don’t ask me why.

Don’t the waves do the same after kissing the shore?

Does the moon stay with us every day at dawn?

Birds leave their nests when time has come.

Petals say goodbye to flowers full of hope.

Passion dies when love has gone

like happiness without little things inside.

Water escapes if the soil is dry

and clouds, clouds are blown away by the wind.

Even our friends go away and

the remembrance of them will not stay.

She went away…

Don’t ask me with whom,

because love and freedom take the same path,

but it is always freedom that should go first.

I never think about names, people or places.

If someone exists, he will be there.

It doesn’t make sense to think about him:

It would take up my time,

the time I need to think about her.

I don’t want to imagine how he could be,

I don’t want to destroy all she did.

She went away…

Don’t ask me where.

Any place is perfect when tranquillity is found.

Distance grows over time, but much more over pain.

Who cares about places when there is no love.

Her presence was my compass, the west where the sun sets.

I don’t know where I am. I know where I’m from.

I don’t know where she is, but she will not come.

She went away…

Don’t ask me when.

Any time is good to leave,

to start from the beginning when we reached the end,

to say no when it hurts us to say yes

and to say yes when we don’t have a no.

Yes, she went away…

I also have to do the same,

but with my best smile, without haste,

holding my head high

and ignoring what people were saying.

I cannot walk the same path.

I will not run after her,

after oasis of calm I cannot see,

a cruel mirage that makes me bleed.

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Last Love Poems: Love from the school

March 1, 2016

By Eddy Montilla.


Love from the school, you suddenly came,

without being called, without being seen,

building up false hopes, just like a dream

among the memories of an immature child

that by the passage of time, by the vicissitudes of life

could finally understand his broken heart.

What a lot of excuses I made and all silly comments I said!

The things we do when we are young,

the things we do when we are in love…

Always walking around your house,

so frequently that your neighbours used to laugh at me,

waiting for hours where you had to walk,

just happy to see you straight past

and happier to see you stop for a while,

searching for a way to draw your attention,

your attention that let me to go home to daydream

or to dream my night.

Love from the school, I am alone in my room,

writing these simple verses and having a coffee.

On grey days like this one, loneliness increases

and that’s why, perhaps, I’m thinking of you now,

trying to imagine what you are doing…

Reading a book, playing with your kids,

living your life day by day, year by year,

with many happy afternoons without a single lovely night.

Love from the school, I heard from my friends

that sometimes you ask for me…

Should I be happy or confused?

Should I scream or be mute?

You know what? I don’t feel the same I felt for you.

Don’t misunderstand me: Thank you for loving me in the distance,

for being away from me

because that distance and unrequited love,

bore through my soul, hurt my heart

and filled it with sadness that created remembrances,

remembrances of you that I will never forget.

Then, who could be happier than me?

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