Tell me the answer: When do we know that an economic crisis is coming?

January 7, 2018

By Eddy Montilla.

When the stock market keeps rising and rising, people who normally don’t have money to spend are thinking about buying houses and even the poor are saying: “This is going to be a great year!”

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A good laugh: The plumber old lady

January 6, 2018

By Eddy Montilla.

“What on earth are you doing there, man?” An old lady asked a person who was peeing near her garden.

“I’m not a man! I’m a building with a leaking water pipe.” He said while laughing at her.

The old lady went home and came back soon wearing protector safety glasses, holding an electric saw and dragging a huge club hammer.

“Who are you, old lady?” The man asked.

“I’m not an old lady. I’m a plumber who came to fix your pipe!!”

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Thought of the day: Addiction

January 5, 2018

By Eddy Montilla.

Addiction is an ephemeral moment of freedom that causes eternal periods of slavery.

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Curiosities: Why is the home plate (base) in baseball pentagonal in shape?

January 3, 2018

By Eddy Montilla.

It is not easy to imagine now that, at the beginning of the game, anything could serve as a home plate in baseball. It was with the search of perfection for the rules of this sport, materials and equipment used in the game that by the end of the nineteenth century (1899) the base began to be square in shape. In 1900, Robert M. Keating, a former pitcher and American inventor, invented the rubber home plate in pentagon shape, which thanks to the edges towards the catcher, made the strike zone more visible for pitchers to throw and for umpires to decide between ball and strikes, which explains why it is still in used today.

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Photo: By courtesy of ttarasiuk under the criteria of Creative Commons (Flickr).

Curiosities: Why does your nose get stuffy when you have a cold and why only one nostril at a time?

January 2, 2018

By Eddy Montilla.

Specially during the flu season (fall and winter months), when the outbreaks of influenza prevail, many people have to deal with their stuffy noses, most of the time unware of its cause. In the past, it was believed that too much mucus inside the nose clogged it. These days, the reason is different: It is mainly the result of the inflammation of mucous membranes and, in a very much lesser extend, because a running nose causes obstruction of the air passage.

As for why only one nostril at a time, this simple idea can give us the answer. If you go to a 24-hour store at different hours, you will notice that employees are not the same people since they obviously need a physical rest. We all have had the bad experience of a tough night due to our stuffy noses. If it is tough for you, don’t forget that for your body (for your nose, to be more precise) is tougher because it has to get the air it needs and that’s why, like the employees mentioned before, your nostril takes turns to rest too. The nasal airways get congested and decongested alternatively in a phenomenon called nasal cycle. Much of the air goes in and out of one nostril and a much smaller amount passes through the other one. By using this process, both nostrils alternate their periods of work and can battle the flue more effectively.

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Don’t let him in, Sarah, don’t let him in (last part)

January 1, 2018

By Eddy Montilla.

(Taken from the book True stories told as fiction)

Robert went up to his room and casted his eye around it finding out that the desk drawer was open an empty of the only thing that was always in its interior: a gun. He ran down the stairs leaping some steps, unable to move forward the lintel of the front door once he saw some muddy footprints on the white stones of the garden that were still reluctant to be washed out by the rain and were in the direction of Ramón’s house. His heart screamed his name: “Sarah!”, but not his lips.

“If Sarah killed him, she should have been here waiting for me and if she’s not here it’s because either both are dead or just only one: Sarah!”

Robert went to the kitchen and grabbed the largest knife he saw. Then, he went to Ramón’s house, walking slowly across his own garden over the grass. The sound of the rain silenced his steps. The back door was open. Robert took off his work shoes and, knife in hand, sneaked into the house, walked past the kitchen and got to Ramón’s room from where he could hear her wife shrieking. Robert gripped the knife tightly, burst into the room and saw Ramón wearing over his head his wife’s black underwear instead of his felt hat. Robert dropped the knife and remained there, petrified and highly skeptical, reluctant to believe what is absolutely true. Ramón covered with his hands what he didn’t in front of Sarah the first day she accidentally saw him relieving himself. After that, like a very bad remake of Adam and Eve, Ramón, and later Sarah, said to Robert:

“She came here. I didn’t ask her to come.”

“I couldn’t do what you told me, Robert. He was in my mind, he was in my mind.”

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Don’t let him in, Sarah, don’t let him in (penultimate part)

December 31, 2017

By Eddy Montilla.

(Taken from the book True stories told as fiction)

“Does not common sense tell you that smoke can bother your neighbours?”

“Yes, it does.” Ramón answered, “but each inconvenience always comes with something good behind. Take a look!”, He said and quickly removed part of the burnt leaves and twigs that covered three sweet potatoes.

“Now that you are here, please wait for a couple of minutes and take one for your husband and you.” Ramón told her with his warm smile.

“No, thanks! It is enough that the smoke does not reach my house!” Sarah shouted at him and before Ramón could say something, she was already heading to her house, walking over round white stones placed in strategic positions, like soldiers during a war, to not step on the lawn of the garden.

“If what this man eats is only sweet potatoes, I wouldn’t be surprised if his brain were full of leaves.” She muttered.

Sarah told her husband at night about the smoke. The following evening about the noisy sound made by him when he was chopping logs, then on how horrible he sang when he’s working on his field and so on. Thus, with the arrival of the new day, a new complaint came at night. On Sunday, the only day off Robert had, his wife asked him to talk to Ramón about all her altercations with him. At that time, like before, smoke rose from Ramón’s house. For Sarah, that day was the worst day she had had since they moved to that house because Robert went to Ramón’s house with a face as long as a fiddle, but after talking to him less than 30 minutes, he came back home smiling and… with a piece of sweet potato in his hands!

“Cursed be the day I came to this house and saw that man!” Sarah said.

“Ramón is a mere farmer who, by the way, is very kind. I’m not asking you to be his friend, but I see no reason whatsoever for so much hatred and despair. If you do not accept him as a neighbor, at least take him out of your mind, Sarah, out of your mind.”

But it was far too late for that. Even the slightest thing Ramón did irritated her and in order to be full aware of all of them, she put the armchair facing Ramón’s field and spent hours watching him from there. One morning, before Robert going to work, Sarah stared at him furiously.

“This man is driving me crazy, Robert. Talk to him again or I will not be held responsible for what I could do.”

In his 15 years and something of marriage with Sarah, Robert had never seen her so annoyed.

“A woman in love thinks silly things; a jealous woman does silly things, but from an angry woman, nobody knows what to expect. This situation is slipping from my grasp.” He thought.

“This Sunday, I will speak with him again. Until that, remember what I have told you: Don’t let him in. Get this man out of your head, Sarah”. Having that said, he went to his work.

Ramón’s work day began early, as usual. Around eleven, he suddenly stopped picking his green peppers, looked at the sky, took his shirt off and rushed to wash it with some other clothes he had inside an old basket.

Ramón did not belong to the category of “the handsome of the neighbourhood”, but he had an attractive and kind smile, which was in part for the beautiful whiteness of his teeth. He was not muscular either. However, the contours of his body were all sketched as if his figure had been moulded in clay by a great sculptor. He was only 26, but because of the bumps in the road of life, looked much older. He neither got married nor had children for only one reason: He only loved one woman in his entire life and loved her with all his heart to a point that instead of putting limits to love, he put them to his head. She was too much beautiful and conceited to tell him “yes” and he was too much naïve to understand her “no”.

“My wife is those blossoms you can see there and my children are the fruits that someday will come from them.” He always said to any person who asked him about his family.

“From what I can see, walking undressed from the waist up, you have no respect for other people.” Sarah yelled at him.

Ramón, as he had already done many times, greeted her with a beaming smile and told her: “Can you see those dark clouds? Over there, in the west. It means it’s going to rain and that’s for sure! So I need to wash these shirts quickly. If you are going to wash too, You’d better get down to work now because I guess you both have a lot of clothes. That means that you will need a lot of time to do the laundry and that rain is coming.”

Sarah always went off in a frenzy of rage and despair whenever she saw Ramón’s actions while he was a happy, placid and even-tempered man. Ultimately, rather than his inappropriateness, that was what she really hated most. Sarah spent the rest of the morning sitting on the armchair thinking about Ramón and, just as he had said, early in the afternoon, it was pouring with rain. At 5:20 p.m., Robert got home from work, unusually early; after all, a day of torrential rain is the worst enemy for a job at a dam. He opened the door and said hello, but his words did not receive any answer. It was then that he remembered his wife’s last words:

“This man is driving me crazy, Robert. Talk to him again or I will not be held responsible for what I could do.” (TO BE CONTINUED…)

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