Lessons of Life: The lesson of the author

By Eddy Montilla.

When I was trying to get some information from a web site, I noticed that the author dedicated almost 40 per cent of his home page (a column) to write proudly about himself in his section, About the author: “I did this, I did that, I was given the prize for this and that…

You have probably seen that we also have a section for people who want to know about the author, but what are you going to find there? A five-word-sentence, which is probably the strangest explanation you have ever read about an author.

I do not know why, but after browsing through that person’s accolades, the first thing that came to my mind was my college graduation day, when the Rector, in front of hundreds of University graduates and parents, called my name and asked me to come up on the stage to receive a class ring for reasons that not even today I can understand. According to my University, for high academic achievement, but according to me, should a student be awarded for doing what he or she is exactly supposed to do?

“I don’t need it.” I whispered, but I went there to receive it, not because I wanted that ring, but because I learned at early age that you can be as strange as you want, but you must behave in some situations as normally as people expect or you will be in trouble. Once I got home, alone in my room, I threw the ring into an old shoe box where it has been “resting in peace” since then. That can give you a glimpse of how low my interest for prizes is and what I usually do with them if I have to receive them.

I should admit that I belong to “the old school” and we are living different times today. Fame and public recognition are driving forces behind many people’s actions now and they will stop at nothing to try to get them. For five minutes of fame, many people do from stupidities and senseless things to actions that risk their own lives. Keep away from those things. We were not born to be famous and millionaire just because that would detract from the real values of life. What you have got turns into undeserved things if you have done nothing for those whose precarious social and economic situation do not let compete in similar conditions to yours.

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