Curiosities: What is the characteristic that makes from a seahorse a unique animal on Earth?

By Eddy Montilla.

Judging by their common name (seahorses) and physical appearance, both ideas lead many people to think that hippocampus (their scientific name) are mammals. Actually, they are not.

Seahorses are fish, and therefore, they lay eggs. They look cute and swim gracefully, but when it comes to eating, I do not recommend you to be at their side if you are a crustacean (a creature with soft body divided into sections, like shrimps, for example), especially a Myside shrimp since you might be sucked up by their long snouts. Seahorses eat dozens of times per day (40 times or more) and at the end, the number of shrimps they eat can be counted by hundreds or thousands of them (3,000 brine shrimps). Their eyes play an important role in this task because both eyes work separately, that means a seahorse can look forwards and backwards simultaneously.

Until now, the explanation is very simple. What is difficult to understand for human beings is that seahorses are monogamous and only mate for life. And if you are a male seahorse, be ready to be a mom! How come? Well, the female will put their eggs into your pouch and after that you have the responsibility to carry them until they hatch. They are the only animals on Earth with this characteristic.

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