Donald Trump can make USA richer, but not great

By Eddy Montilla.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump.

President Donald Trump’s political slogans during his presidential election campaign were so effective that it succeeded in persuading many to follow his steps about one of the most radical plans that USA has seen in decades. He particularly repeated “We will make America great again!” almost ad nauseam. But one thing is being able to make fantastic promises in front of a microphone and a very different one is being able to fulfill them. Can Trump make real his slogan with all implications that bring for American people?


     Many things that were done and said during the election campaign were all an act. Because of that, perhaps, many people in USA and around the world think that Trump is an incompetent person, which is, in my opinion, far away from being real. He might not be intelligent, but take it for granted that he’s not an inept person either because the inept cannot become millionaires or build economic empires. The real problem here is that people today mistake the concept of greatness for wealth. Through history, we have seen that any economic change has made any nation great. That is because greatness is more associated to social changes than economic ones. The United States has been number one for decades in terms of economy, but when it comes to social issues, inequalities and social problems, the gap between the different sectors that make up American society is almost as vast as any state inside the country.

     From the beginning, American society was established over unfair foundations, above all, as a result of racial discrimination and prejudices, to a point that not even his first president, George Washington, could escape from this situation since Washington himself had hundreds of slaves at his disposal. More than two hundred years later, today, white and black people keep almost the same differences they had in the past. Not even Barack Obama, the first black president in the country’s history could mitigate the negative and fatal effects that this situation has created. To solve these problems, more determination is needed and, perhaps, a president with different personality.

     Donald Trump knows very well how to make money on a large scale. However, his capacity to deal with social and political problems is still untested. So, his idea about “making America great again” sounds like another unfeasible or at least questionable political slogan if we take the social inequalities we mentioned before into consideration and the fact that greatness is the result of justice and social equality, two aspects from which United States seems to move away.

This article was originally published in the digital newspaper World And Opinion.

Copyright 2017 All rights are reserved.


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