USA: Presidential elections, but where are the candidates?

By Eddy Montilla.

If American voters stopped for a while to reflect on the presidential candidates from whom they will have their 45th president, instead of being cheering for one and booing the others, they would have asked themselves “where the society failed”. For decades, USA had not had so many “matt candidates” at the same time, unable to deliver a convincing and hopeful speech to make people believe that the economy and society will not go back to the levels they had 8 years ago, or maybe worse. Since they started campaigning, the presidential candidates (specially the republican ones) have gone from mediocrity to absurdity, from absurdity to ridiculousness.

     Donald Trump: A man with demagogic speeches. I cannot find logical and coherency in his political ideas. It is absolutely pathetic that Trump, with such aggressive and offensive language, has been able to win so many adherents. It is not a good sign for the American society because supporters and their leaders usually share the same ideas and behaviour. Why do many Americans follow a man who always says I will do this, do that, but does not say how?

     Ted Cruz: What can you expect from a candidate who can be seen on a political ad shooting a gun with a piece of bacon on its barrel? It is not much better to shoot ideas instead of bullets?

     Marco Rubio: An inexperienced politician, able to repeat the same sentence three times word by word during a televised debate, but unable to come up with a good and quick answer to get out of the predicament in which he put himself.

     Hillary Clinton: Despite so many years in politics, she is still saying “If you vote for me…”, “I think that I should be the president because I am the best prepared person for that job…” as she were running for president of some school club. These words fits perfectly for a kid, but puerile for a person who aspires to be the president of the world’s largest economy.

     Bernie Sanders: A politician who noticed the lack of great political leaders during these presidential elections and thinks he can take chances and try his luck.

     President Barack Obama is a very good president and politician, and he is lucky too because while other presidents are usually compared with their predecessors, Obama will be unavoidable compared with his successor too because no matter who becomes the next president of USA, any of these candidates will do a better job than he did. So in both cases, president Obama has won. People usually say that time flies. Well, in terms of politics and economy, the next 4 years will probably be very long in USA.

This article was originally published in the digital newspaper World And Opinion with Eddy Montilla.

Copyright 2016 All rights are reserved.


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