Last Love Poems: Love from the school

By Eddy Montilla.


Love from the school, you suddenly came,

without being called, without being seen,

building up false hopes, just like a dream

among the memories of an immature child

that by the passage of time, by the vicissitudes of life

could finally understand his broken heart.

What a lot of excuses I made and all silly comments I said!

The things we do when we are young,

the things we do when we are in love…

Always walking around your house,

so frequently that your neighbours used to laugh at me,

waiting for hours where you had to walk,

just happy to see you straight past

and happier to see you stop for a while,

searching for a way to draw your attention,

your attention that let me to go home to daydream

or to dream my night.

Love from the school, I am alone in my room,

writing these simple verses and having a coffee.

On grey days like this one, loneliness increases

and that’s why, perhaps, I’m thinking of you now,

trying to imagine what you are doing…

Reading a book, playing with your kids,

living your life day by day, year by year,

with many happy afternoons without a single lovely night.

Love from the school, I heard from my friends

that sometimes you ask for me…

Should I be happy or confused?

Should I scream or be mute?

You know what? I don’t feel the same I felt for you.

Don’t misunderstand me: Thank you for loving me in the distance,

for being away from me

because that distance and unrequited love

bore through my soul, hurt my heart

and filled it with sadness that created remembrances,

remembrances of you that I will never forget.

Then, who could be happier than me?

Copyright 2016 All rights are reserved.


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