Lessons of Life: The kid and the camellias

By Eddy Montilla.


When I left home, the whole city was covered by a mantle of snow. The train had stopped, buses were running so slow that I could overtake some of them going on foot. On that snowy and windy day, I saw a kid, almost late for school, removing gently the snow from over red camellias. Neither the idea of being late nor the harsh weather at that time could deter him from doing his innocent mission. The kid took it easy. He talked to the flowers and took care of them, and “the smartest people”, the adults were watching their watches every five minutes, horrified, petrified by the idea of being late a couple of minutes.

     The other day, I heard a baseball manager saying something like this: “The problem of today’s players is that they play all the time like men and do not leave room to play like children.” And near my workplace, there is a small restaurant that welcomes its customers with this message: “We don’t stop playing because we are growing old; we grow old because we stop playing.” If you ask children if they can dance or sing, they will not say “yes”, they will start singing and dancing instead. Do not even try to ask the same question to adults since they will think that you are trying to embarrass them in front the others.

     From the first moment that you proudly say you are “a man or woman”, and behave 100% in that way, that is, according to the parameters that they usually have, your life floats over a sea of prejudice and inhibitions. Be a man, be a woman, but don’t kill the child that must live inside your heart because both periods of life are not contradictory, but complementary, and therefore, they will make your life better.

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