Tell me the answer: What is the only thing you should try to control?

By Eddy Montilla.



     Try to control your children and the more you do that the more they will disobey you. Teach them how to control themselves and you will have the best kids in your territory. Think about what General MacArthur said in his poem A Father’s prayer: “…build me a son who will master himself before he seeks to master other men.”

     Try to be bossy at work and everybody will hate you. Try to do your job properly and humbly and people will say (either they want to say it or not): “We need you.”

     Try to control what people say or the way people behave around you and you will go directly to a psychologist or a mental hospital because trying to do that will drive you insane and lead you to some depressive illness. So control your mind, your heart, the only things that can really come under your firm control and you will be happier than a lottery winner or perhaps better.

Copyright 2016 All rights are reserved.


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