Curiosities: Why do we fart? Oops! I meant, why do we have flatulence (pass wind/gas)?

By Eddy Montilla.


Flatulence (commonly called fart) is a gas that we release from the digestive system via anal route. Putting aside the embarrassing moments it could create, flatulence is a normal biological action, as frequent as having lunch. In fact, more: People’s fart production goes generally from 7-8 (at its lowest) to 20-25 (at its highest) times per day.

     When you open your mouth to eat or drink, you enter a piece of food or some drink into your body, but during this action, air enters too. Something similar happens when a person smokes, chews, etc. The gas is accumulated inside your digestive system and it basically consists of nitrogen and oxygen which are sent out of your body when they reach uncomfortable levels in order to prevent possible health problems.

     To pass wind is also the result of gases (hydrogen, methane and carbon dioxide) that are accumulated when we digest food. If what you eat consists of a large amount of food that is difficult to digest, it is not surprising that your body begins to imitate an automatic rifle sound. Finally, do not feel so bad when you pass gas since it is not only natural, but necessary. Remember that a car would not run a long distance without an exhaust pipe or a balloon would burst quickly with too much air. Passing gas is one of the most vilified actions that I have seen {I mean, that I have heard!:)} because it embarrasses us, especially when it happens in a plane, elevator or in front of an audience or because of its foul odour, which is from bad digestion of food. Bad digestion releases sulfur-containing substances and compounds, such as skatole, both responsible for the odor. Just be careful and respectful.

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