Lessons of life: The lesson of the gray clouds

By Eddy Montilla.


I usually leave home early and walk a couple of kilometers before taking a bus or my bicycle to go to my workplace. It gets light late these days, and when I looked into the sky this morning, I could only see an overcast sky, ominous and dark clouds hung in the sky. I kept walking and suddenly saw an amber light, almost imperceptible, on the horizon. As I walked to the station, the light became brighter and wider until it covered the whole sky. The sun had risen at that time: It’d gotten light.

     That situation made me draw a parallelism between that scenery and life. I was thinking (and, by the way, lost my train!) how many times life has treated us harshly to a point that we only see shadows and dark clouds. The truth is we tend to forget the beautiful light that sooner or later will come with the arrival of a new day and the passage of time. Just walk forward, just keep walking.

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