Your comfort zone or your pain zone?

By Eddy Montilla.

Comfort zone

We all have a comfort zone where we feel safe and tranquil. This zone may be a physical place (a bar, the living room, your room, etc.); an abstract place (your mind) or a person (a friend). When we are facing a difficult situation, our first reaction is to leave everything behind us and run to take shelter from pain or anguish in this zone. There, I can control everything: The person I want to meet, the things I want to do. There, I am the boss and I don’t have to deal with problems. This zone is like a valve that stops the flow of problems because if you don’t deal with your stress, your stress will deal with you, and that means you could burst like a pipe in cold weather. Until now, our comfort zone does not seem to be so bad. Then, where is the problem? In the essence of its meaning: Comfort

     Comfort can be easily associated with pleasure, but not with growth. If you don’t want to get out of your comfort zone, you will get close to the first one (pleasure) and will move away from the second one (growth). In our daily live, there are plenty of examples that can illustrate this idea: We all have turned down a new job, study or activity despite its social and economic possibilities because we are afraid of starting again, walking over unfamiliar paths or taking risks. We prefer to stay inside our comfort zone with the few friends we have, with the few things we know and with the well-known life we have. Do not use your comfort zone to detach yourself from everything around you, to hide you from your challenge, but to celebrate your achievements. Then, your comfort zone will be not only comfortable, but a growth zone too.

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