Lessons of Life: The lesson of the mother

By Eddy Montilla.


Near the place where I was, a mother tried to have a lively conversation with her daughter, but to no avail: She only had one-syllable answers and was not able to take her eyes off her smartphone. When the mother noticed such lack of interest, her questions dwindled away to nothing and a strange silence that makes us know that something is wrong emerged. In the light of this context, the mother couldn’t help waiting for her daughter’s change of attitude: It never happened. She waited patiently and, after some time, she said goodbye politely and went away. To be honest, the sadness of her face is something that comes to my mind whenever I visit the place where this situation happened. As for her daughter, she kept using her smartphone.

     The more a person helps you the more you thank him/her. In the past, children lived in difficult conditions and they also witnessed how hard they parents had to work every single day to put bread on the table. Life was not easy: Hard manual work, people braving the heat of the sun in summer and low wages. Children thanked their parents a lot because they saw how hard they worked for them and this feeling of gratitude was long-lasting. These days, however, children see their parents go to work in their own cars. They don’t know and they don’t think about parent’s efforts because everything (food, games, etc.) has always been within reach. It is something natural for them and that’s why the feeling of gratitude towards parents has dropped to reach low levels.

     When this story happened, I felt sorry, angry and happy simultaneously. I felt sorry for that mother who probably went home asking herself what was wrong. I felt angry at this girl who has never thought about the times her mother had to leave her bed in the middle of the night to feed her whenever she was hungry, whenever she was crying. Yes, she has never thought about the times her mother had to bath her after drinking milk or having diarrhea. Finally, I felt happy because I belong to a prior generation and by the time that this “modern society” turns into a cake beautifully decorated outside, but full of excrement inside, I will not be here. I hope we can change for the better, I hope so.

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