Lessons of Life: The lesson of the chair

By Eddy Montilla.


Two ladies were in a coffee shop trying to escape from the high temperature of the day. They took a couple chairs from the adjacent table to put their bags and presents. Then, they were chatting in a comfortable way. Minutes later, a woman asked them to remove their belongings from the chair, put her drink on the table and went to the restroom. The two ladies took advantage of that moment to throw some poisoned darts with criticism:

     ”Why does she have to sit here if there are a lot of empty tables over there?” One of the ladies, visibly upset, said. And they drank their tea quickly and left the place as soon as possible. As for me, I tried to find some reason that could justify these ladies’ attitude, but I could not find any. In a public place, you can sit wherever you want. Besides, your order could give you the right to use the chairs where you sit, but not the adjacent ones.

     To try to justify your own mistakes is something as old as human beings. You can find this in your deepest feelings and attitudes, in you psyche, to a point that it has become a natural reaction in our society. So, I try to understand why people tend to adopt this critical stance. But it is difficult (at least for me) to understand why people tend to blame others for their own mistakes. Those chairs told me today that if you try to excuse your behavior or mistakes, you are just one among many others who do the same, but if you blame the others for your own mistake, among many people, you are one: One fool person.

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