Lessons of Life: The lesson of the bee

By Eddy Montilla.


I usually take a walk around a park near my workplace. Today it was very hot and I decided to sit under the shade of a tree. Very close to me, two people were talking about job and their faces looked like a pilot who discovers in midair that the plane is running out of gasoline.

     ”What was the point in working so hard?” One of the men said.

     ”You are right.” The other man replied after heaving a sigh: “I wish I could be like this bee on that flower, living a sweet life!” And both laughed and went away.

     To be honest, I do not know if their joke was good (I leave this interpretation to you), but I really know that the life of bees is not as sweet as they think. In point of fact, these flying insects have one of the most brutal and tragic life that I have seen: The queen bee looks like a slave rather than a ruling monarch since her primary function is to lay eggs. She will be killed by her own daughters, but before that, the new queen bee will emerge from her cell to destroy the other potential queens (her sisters) that were raised with her simultaneously. The only job for drones is to mate with the queen “all the time”. In summer, the queen slows down egg production and drones are not so necessary, so the worker bees will get rid of them: “Get out of the hive!” They say and drones are left to freeze and starve outside. As for worker bees, they spend their lifetime (only six weeks in summer approximately) gathering nectar. They literally work to death. Despite that, bees do not stop doing what they have to do. They do not say: “There is no point in gathering nectar if we are going to die in six weeks? They keep working hard, and thanks to their job, we can enjoy more than 70% of the food that are on our table every day because most flowers are pollinated by bees, indispensable process for plants in order to have fruit. If bees did not work, our lives would not be so sweet. And this is the lesson that we can learn from bees today: No matter how small or big you work might be, it will always bear fruit. Perhaps you do not get directly the fruit of your job, perhaps not in the way that you were expecting, but your efforts are never fruitless.

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