Last Love Poems: You

By Eddy Montilla.


What happened? You are not the same person you’ve always been,

in your eyes, where I saw the feeling of love,

today, I can feel disdain, I can feel contempt.

I used to see the gladioli watered by your smile,

lilies that talked to me and were always at my side.

And what can I see today? A cold and indifferent face.

What happened? Why did you change?

You don’t dress in white like the flowers of the clover,

you don’t walk along the beach at sunset or twilight,

you don’t greet the skylark, you don’t thank him for his song

and that’s why I could see the presage of your goodbye.

You said once that you remain deaf to my words and pleas,

that time caused irreparable damage to your column of love,

wounds that will not heal with words of forgiveness.

But it was not you who asked for time?

It was not you who asked for distance

with your glacial expressions and one-syllable answers,

with attitudes that reveal a total lack of love?

That hurt me, that killed me

and made me taste the bitter presage of the beginning of the end.

You said once that in love the word to forget does not exist

and come haughtily to ask: “Who am I for you today?”

You are a beautiful story,

memories of our love that I already forgot.

Copyright 2015 All rights reserved.

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