Don’t look people through the glasses of racism

By Eddy Montilla.


To judge people by looking at them through the glasses of racism is so common these days that it is becoming a habit. That is the moment when danger comes, when danger becomes more dangerous because if bad things are habitual responses, people tend to accept them and, what is worse, to coexist with them. In the United States, just to cite an example, people only remember to fight against racism when a black man is killed. If you look people through the glasses of racism, you will get a distorted perception of them. I have seen many people who wear these glasses day by day in USA, Japan, South Korea, the Dominican Republic and other countries where I have been because racism does not know patriotism: It is everywhere. I witnessed or had to personally suffer the consequences of actions taken by people who love seen the world through these glasses, and today, let me show you what many people erroneously see whenever they wear the glasses of racism:

     If a white man is running in the streets, he is in a hurry. If the person who is running is a black man, then, he did something wrong and he is fleeing from the police.

     When white people do sports is because they want to be in very good shape. If black people do the same, they daydream about being professional players and make a lot of money quickly.

     If a white man and a black man go to the same company looking for a job, the secretary asks the white man: “Sir, did you come to be interviewed for the position of administrator?” And of course, she will ask the black man: “I do not want to lose my time, so before the interview for cleaners, I want to make sure you have some experience doing that job.”

     If a white lady dresses up is something natural because she will probably go to a wedding ceremony or a glamorous event, but if a black lady dresses up she wants to deceive someone into believing that she is rich.

     If a white girl is walking down the street in shorts, it is hot and she looks great! If a black girl does the same, she will be stopped by the police because she might be a prostitute looking for clients.

     When a white young man takes a walk in the evening, girls look at him and say: “Wow! He looks so cute! If they come across a black young man, they will say: “Let’s take the other side. I am scary!”

     Do not wear these glasses of racism, please, and encourage people to smash them because they hurt millions of people all around the world in the past and they continue doing the same today.

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2 Responses to Don’t look people through the glasses of racism

  1. This definitely isn’t how I see anybody. I find it sad to think it’s how others view people. There is discrimination from all different angles at the moment, be it race, religion or culture. I’m a huge believer things can change though. It just needs people willing to talk and people willing to listen.
    Very well written 🙂

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