Lessons of Life: The lesson of gratitude

By Eddy Montilla.


Last month, I went to Tokyo to take some pictures and carry out journalistic work. At Tokyo station, “innumerable” trains departed every three minutes or something and made stop every one or two minutes, which will make you confirm that this capital has one of the best (if not the best) rail system in the world in terms of efficiency and safety. When the train that I took made its second stop, two mothers with their children got on it. These mothers were so tired that they swayed from side to side as they walked and their children (they were 4 or five years of age) were about to fall sleep. That was the moment when a 10 or 11-year- old girl offered her seat to the children, and their mothers, of course, said thanks to her. “Everything looks normal so far. Where is the lesson, then?” You might ask.

    The problem is that some minutes later, a passenger got off the train and a seat was available again. And what do you think that these mothers did? Instead of repaying the little girl’s kindness to their children by offering the seat, they managed to sit together and chat as if nothing had happened while the little girl was still standing. What a crazy world we live in! Whenever you do a favor, act as if you suffered from amnesia to forget the favor you did as soon as possible, but never, never forget the favor that other people did for you.

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