Curiosities: Why do some people shake their legs when they are sitting?

By Eddy Montilla.


Last Tuesday, I went to a coffee shop and tried to finish my job there while having a cup of coffee. It seemed that the man who was sitting in front of me also went there with the same purpose. I noticed that he was constantly shaking his legs while he worked, and even though this action did not disturb me, I was curious to know why some people do that. So, I stopped what I was doing (I know, I know: One of these days I will be fired!) and started looking for the answer that today I want to share with all of us.

    There are different possible reasons for a person to shake his/her legs, tap his/her toes or fingers, etc.: A nervous reaction due to anxiety, bad habits and Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS), for example. RLS is a neurological disorder, which causes people to move their legs (usually legs, but RLS can also affect your arms and other parts of your body). This uncontrollable need to bounce or shake their legs in some people are usually the result of anxiety, pain or being involved in a difficult and uncomfortable situation. Observe that some students shake their legs when they are studying complicated and unpleasant subjects for them. It can also appear during quiet wakefulness, when people are sitting for a long period of time reading, watching TV, etc. with little or no movement or when they are doing nothing. If your leg is always shaking in class or at work, you could find it a good method because it makes you feel comfortable, but this situation can also be seen as an annoying habit by people around you. There is currently no known cure for RLS, however, by reducing stress, relaxing the muscles, etc., you can deal better with this situation.

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