Lessons of Life: The lesson of the subway

By Eddy Montilla.


I usually ride my bicycle when I go to work, but it was stifling hot today, so I decided to go by subway. It turned out to be a good decision, and not because it is faster or more comfortable, but because of things I could see inside. For example, all people on my right and left side, without exception, were using smartphones. No exchange of glances or contemplation of the beautiful landscape. No even a puerile conversation. All of them were there, immersed in an absolute silence with their eyes fixed firmly on the screen. In front of me, however, two kind elderly ladies broke the silence and started chatting as if they were lifelong friends when in fact, they knew each other… a couple of minutes ago! Thanks to them, the mechanical scenes that other passengers created, could be broken.

     I cannot interpret the seriousness of the present world situation yet in order to tell you where we are heading to. I cannot see it yet… But, inside that wagon, I could see the difference between Japan 60 years ago and Japan now, the world 60 years ago and the world now. I could see how people let things swallow them and forget at the end the most important thing in life: The human being.

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