Last Love Poems: No more

By Eddy Montilla.


I am left with a feeling of sadness whenever I talk to you,

something like the bitter taste of a kiss without love.

I am left with memories that, in my mind, are reluctant to become past

and walk freely tormenting me in silence

by repeating things that I know already, things that I’ve heard in the past:

“When you are not here, I can still see you

and when you are… I wish I could run away.

There is a fire inside me that flares up over the years,

undying love that refuses to be nothing

and rises from the ashes despite the rain, despite the hail.

A strange wind blows whenever I think of you.

It puts me in a thoughtful frame of mind

and I don’t know what to do…

It does not move the curtains; it does not move the leaves…

And it draws silhouettes that don’t coincide with my reality:

Happy couples walking hand in hand,

or doves making love at the park.

It is true. It makes me see things that I don’t want to see,

things that I want to forget.

It makes me repeat a name that I don’t want to hear.

Please, run, run after your dreams

because I only want to stay here,

loving life, loving you.

Copyright 2014 All rights are reserved.


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