Does God help us to win in sports?

By Eddy Montilla.


During the final minutes of a soccer game that was decided by kicks from the penalty mark, I saw a lot of fans praying. Even the players were waiting on their knees. The same situation can be seen in other sports too. Then, it is worth asking the following question: Does God help us to win a game?

     It might sound a curious paradox that the best way to answer this question is making another one: Is it right to ask God help in order to win a game? In my opinion, this is a very selfish act because if we are praying for our victory, indirectly or to some extent, we are praying that God can help us to inflict a defeat on our opponent, and we are not supposed to wish evil on people. When a man in the crowd said to Jesus: “Master, tell my brother to give me a share of our inheritance”, Jesus said to him: “My friend, who appointed me your judge, or the arbitrator of your claims?” If Jesus does not like to be a judge or arbitrator of our material selfishness, I cannot imagine him being a referee in a soccer game or giving you a hand to win a game.

     Either you are a fan or a player, instead of praying for your victory, pray for a good game, at the very most. The power of prayer must be used for something more meritorious: Peace, family, the derelicts, friends and enemies, etc., because it is not written in any part of the Bible: “Pray so that you can defeat your opponent three runs to one. Raise the level of your prayers. Don’t downgrade it.

This article was originally published in the digital newspaper World And Opinion with Eddy Montilla.

Copyright 2014 All rights are reserved.


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