By Eddy Montilla.


P. J. and I really started out at the bottom. When we were twelve years old, we did not see on TV or witness the ravages of poverty: We had to deal with them day by day. “When we dig these bad moments and make money, Eddy, I will buy all books and equipment necessary to become a scientific researcher.” He used to tell me. Eight years later, at 20, P. J. had enough money to get all things he wanted when we were children. However, he didn’t. “My problem is that I don’t have my own house and car to begin from a solid base,” he said. “But when I get these things, the story will be different.” And it only took P. J. five years to invite me to his house and show me his car. He had a good job. He had kicked poverty as he said. “I am going to quit my job and leave this small town, Eddy. My problem now is this place. When I leave here, I will be in better position to do many things…”

     I keep in touch with my friend P. J., but we have not met in many years for different reasons, too long to be detailed and irrelevant for this case. But let me tell you something, I don’t care at all if I contradict everything that pedagogic and psychological modern theories say these days about punishments, but P. J. is one of my best friends, and next time we meet, if he says the word when again in front of me, believe me, I will spank his bottom over my lap several times and I will tell him: “You cannot wait to solve problems to live because problems are somehow your life itself. When is now.

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