To have or to be

By Eddy Montilla.

My father was having a constructive discussion with my niece today when I tried to find out what the topic was. They had opposing views on what period is better: The past or present. They both tried to persuade each other, but in vain. My old man was convinced that despite the great advances made in technology these days, the past was better. My niece, holding a video game, managed to deny my dad’s arguments. I don’t really know how that discussion finished (I wanted to write this as soon as possible!), but for me, the highlights of the discussion were the verbs they used. My dad said: “In the past, we were, we lived, etc.”, that is, verbs that express quality, characteristics and values. My niece defended the only period he really knows, his present, using verbs that express quantity: “Today, we have, we produce, etc.”

     To be and to have are both important. But you should be first and have later because to have is transitory, but to be is permanent. To be can teach you how to have, but to have, however, cannot do the same. Despite having nothing, you can live happily if you are… Well, with some deprivation, but a happy man or woman. However, you can have the whole world at your feet, but if you are not… Much as you would like to conceal it, you will feel as miserable as the word itself.

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