Lessons of Life: The lesson of the bicycle

By Eddy Montilla.


Last Sunday, I was having lunch at a small park near the place where I live. A father was there teaching his son how to ride a bicycle. The kid felt safe with his dad holding the bike at his side and tried to pedal, but once the father let go of it, and he realized that he was pedaling alone, he lost his balance and fell. “Why did you stop?” The father said. “Keep pedaling, keep pedaling!” The same situation was repeated many times, and many times, the father kept telling his son the same: “Keep pedaling! Don’t stop! Keep pedaling!” After many attempts, the kid understood the message, filled his heart with determination and did what his dad had told him. From that moment, the father did not have to hold the bike anymore: His son was riding the bicycle and whooping for joy. “I did it, dad, I did it!”

     There is an obvious parallelism between this kid’s action and our life. Like him, we start to do something, we are very happy and enthusiastic about it at first, but then, problems arise, we feel alone, we feel the same fear of falling as the kid felt and we do the same as he did: We stop pedaling. To pedal is the beginning; to keep pedaling is the key: It means dogged determination and hard work, the only way to improve. So add some tenacious persistence to what you are doing and keep pedaling. What are you waiting? Keep pedaling!!

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