Last Love Poems: Loneliness and I

By Eddy Montilla.


Loneliness has been with me for a long time,

so long, that now, I hardly remember when we became friends.

She keeps me company for hours

and never reproaches me for being as I am:

She just listens to me and looks at me.

I think I know her since I was a child…

She has seen me crying. She has seen me laugh.

She sits at my side and hours pass…

Loneliness has been my refuge from my saddest moments,

a silent, but perfect friend to wander aimlessly.

She knows about my plans and thoughts,

about my feelings and secrets

because we have trodden many paths together,

always looking for the same person

and writing her name on the ground.

She has seen me run after a piece of sunset

and come back next day to knit my brow like sullen weather does.

And, she does not ask or reproach me anything:

She just listens to me and looks at me.

Like willows that grow with the passage of time,

Loneliness grows with me day by day,

and since my secrets are not secrets anymore,

I must confess that she has become obsessive.

I even start to doubt her faithfulness.

Now She hits my reality with her blue tail.

I am tired of battling with her, of looking her shadows…

She follows my steps!

I don’t want to see her; I don’t want to fail.

Everything is so confused today…

Because today, I could be with her (not with loneliness, but with her)

I could touch her like a sculptor does with his work,

I could live with her,

but I took my books, my dog and poems with me

and I went back to live with my loneliness instead.

Copyright 2014 All rights are reserved.

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