Last Love Poems: Remembrances of love

By Eddy Montilla.


Yesterday, I sat near the river under that walnut tree,

the one that served for years as our meeting point,

the one that knew my secrets and thoughts.

Today, its roots dried up and its branches are gone.

This is the way time flies, this is the way my love died.

Yesterday, I wanted to walk through that poplar grove

where I used to hang the trees with memories and hopes

If you could see this place today…

It’s only a sad path full of burrs and prickles,

like the elderly man, it got tired of waiting,

and the worst part was not all those years of loneliness,

but some days of uncertainty when we thought you will never be back.

Yesterday, I wanted to go to that garden

that place where the air was filled with the scent of tuberoses,

but today, even the flowers denied me their perfume

What did I do? What should I say?

I stood hesitating on the threshold of the church

where I saw you many times murmuring litanies

in your imaginary world full of promises and faith,

looking up the sky, looking for response…

And I went to the walnut tree, the poplar grove, the garden and the church

looking for you again, and again and again…

Because I know that some day you will be back

perhaps not to my side or to not be on our bed,

but I am sure you will be back

because the sun rises every day

and, every day, your memories come crowding into my mind.

Copyright 2014 All rights are reserved.


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