The Dominican Republic: For a high-quality tourism

By Eddy Montilla.

Beach in the DR

The Dominican Republic has never done a well-organized job to promote tourism internationally. Despite that, millions of people travel there every year, attracted by its natural beauties, weather and people’s warmth. However, this image of great island for tourism has being tainted by anomalous people who, disguised as tourists and taking advantage of people’s poverty, go to the island to give free rein to their unquenchable thirst for prostitution and sexual aberration. We also have to add to this group those who visit the island to make shady business. All of them, with their actions, bring the image of the country into disrepute and they present it as a paradise for exploitation and sex tourism. I do not remember any government that has tried to put an end to this problem. Perhaps, people in that nation have been too indulgent with these corrupt tourists or perhaps they are too afraid of losing a couple of dollars.

     It is time to close the door to all these false tourists whose actions embarrass the country. Parents, teachers and social organizations should give children and women guidance on this situation. They should teach them how to find balance between their dignity and poverty and let them see that nothing is above respect and dignity, not even money.

     As for the Government, nobody can know how decent a person is by looking at his or her face, but when you offer high-quality tourism, depraved tourists decrease because they usually hang around places that match their low personality. The Dominican Republic is the most attractive country in the Caribbean for tourism and the island could receive a lot of benefits from this sector if a right work policy is applied to improve tourism in the country. President Danilo Mendina seems to be working in that direction with his efforts to reach 10 million tourists per year in the future. But in order to achieve that goal, not the President, but competent authorities have to improve the quality of what they offer and close the door to these depraved tourists.

This article was originally published in the digital newspaper WORLD AND OPINION with Eddy Montilla.

Copyright 2014 All rights reserved.


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