Thought of the day: Failure

By Eddy Montilla.


I have failed many times in my life. I have made dozens, hundreds and thousands of mistakes. I have failed so many times that, at times, I have thought that my life itself is a failure. But after each failed attempt, I wake up next day with my best smile on my face and full of energy because I know that I have the opportunity to start over. Besides, because each failure closes me a door that I should not open anymore and shows me, therefore, the right path to take, the right place to go.

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4 Responses to Thought of the day: Failure

  1. EJ Venida says:

    You have a Gift of Discernment! =)

  2. EJ Venida says:

    What you wrote spoke to me so deeply… Fighting your demons everyday can be disheartening and downright exhausting, but God is just so loving that He gives us the strength to endure and walk again. I want to share this gold that I got from a a friend’s Facebook wall today. I have been basking in peace from the moment I read it and my joyful heart can’t help it and compels me to pass it on! Here it goes… (I revised it in such a way that my soul will feel it even stronger) This is so powerful..!
    Sin speaks a dead language that means nothing to me! Love is the only language I hear, speak, see and understand. I am now DEAD TO SIN AND ALIVE TO GOD. Ah, I feel like a newborn! Offering myself to the ways of God, going FULL ON! Sin has no command over me for I am powerful, limitless, invincible and the Almighty God holds me. He has set me free! I am basking in peace every moment I feel His Holy Presence surrounding me! This freedom never quits! This is the kind of peace that is perfect! No rules, just love… Just Jesus.
    I am soooo high!!! But not in drugs! =)

  3. EJ Venida says:

    You’re welcome and thanks to you too! I adore people who speaks and writes from the heart. =)

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