Life is short? Nonsense!

By Eddy Montilla.

Short Life

A co-worker invited me to go out for a drink, but I could not go, so I courteously declined his invitation. He insisted several times and finally said: “Come on, let’s go out for fun; remember that life is short.” To be honest, his reason to go out for a drink only helped to give me another reason to decline his offer. Two days later, a student repeated the same phrase: “Life is short!” and to make the cliché more intolerable, I read it in the newspaper the same day!

     These occurrences made me think that we tend to become parrots, good parrots trained to copy what other people say instead of devoting a single minute to reason because… who said that life is short? Anne Frank died in a Nazi concentration camp in 1945. She was 15 years old, but her diary is a masterpiece that became a world classic. Mozart died at the age of 35 of rheumatic fever, but it is said that he wrote his first symphony when he was just eight years old. His masterpieces, the symphony No. 31 (Paris) and the symphony No. 41 (Jupiter) let him pass into the annals of history as one of the greatest composers of all time. Marilyn Monroe died when she was 36 and some people still daydream when they see her legs! Sorry, I wanted to write… Her posters! Jesus was killed at 33 and before that, in only three years, he divided the world into two: Before (B.C.) and after (A.C.) him. There are more examples, big ones and small ones to tell us that the most important thing is not the long years a person could live, but what this person did for his/her family, community, country and the world during his/her lifetime. Life is short? Nonsense!

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