Five things that technology took away from us

By Eddy Montilla.


Thanks to the Internet, you can read this article and I have the honor of meeting you, because believe it or not, to meet people is the only benefit that I have found till now in technology. As for other benefits or attributes of it, I am sure you know them more than me. But how about the negative aspects that technology brought to us? Don’t they exist? Well, you cannot take an end of a stick and leave the other, so whenever you make progress in technology, somehow, we lose something in another area. Let’s see:

1. The pleasure of not knowing if our photos turned out well

    In the past, when digital cameras did not exist yet, we had no idea about how we looked in a photograph or if the photos turned out well: Uncertainty brought happiness. People clustered around the person who had the photographs, someone asked: “Did I look nice?” Sometimes, a person snatched them out of the hands of another person who was seeing the photographs all together in a selfish way. A lot of things happened…

2. The pleasure of receiving a letter

     I was so happy when I got home after school and had a letter on my bed. Yes, lying on my bed, I used to read all my letters and they were a great motivation to improve my handwriting. But these days, people don’t send letters and prefer to send a cold e-mail. You cannot find any trace of human warmth in an e-mail. When you use your hand to write, however, you use your heart.

3. The pleasure of reading and listening to good journalists and writers

     In sports, quality is directly proportional to quantity and, therefore, it increases according to the number of athletes. However, the same cannot be said for journalism or literature, areas where a lot of people without solid training can only bring misinformation. Today, millions of people around the world considered themselves journalists, writers and photographers, but they don’t want to use some hours to receive a training that will give them the minimum knowledge needed to do an acceptable job in these areas. For example, a naughty boy with delusions of grandeur called Justin Bieber was arrested and all these “journalists” want to write about this topic. The same week, an eight-year-old kid died while saving his family from a fire and the news went almost unnoticed by many.

4. The pleasure of visiting neighbors and relatives

     These days are less and less those who visit their friends and family because a simple call or e-mail, according to them, is “easier and cheaper”. We are gradually turning into docile robots or machine.

5. The pleasure of being together as a family

     Before video games, computers and smartphones arrived, people sat around the table and played board games while chatting or watched the same program while chatting. Today, every member of a family looks for his or her own corner in a purely individualistic manner to use his or her smartphone, tablet or computer. I stop the list here, but we all know that it is longer. And this is the moral of this article: Technology has made our life easier and brought a lot of benefits, but it can turn into a nightmare. Technology means progress, but it means pain and loneliness too. Please do not forget that.

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