Lessons of Life: The lesson of luck

By Eddy Montilla.


In Japan, people generally go to shrines and temples to pray during the first days of the year. After that, they buy “omikuji”, a written fortune. I went to a temple last January and it was very interesting to observe how people changed the expression of their face depending on how good or bad the sacred lot they drew was. This situation made me investigate and reflect on the concept of luck. I tried to think globally and found that many people all around the world place their hopes in it. I saw silly things like a man paying thousands of euros to a fortune-teller in Spain and heartless situations too, for example, thousands of people in Latin America who are deceived whenever they try to get money or be healthy by using methods based on luck.

     Luck is the hope of lazy or naive people, in my opinion, and it does not exist. What people usually call luck is in fact a mixture of two factors: Hard work and probability. When a basketball player makes an incredible shot from the other side of the court or when a baseball player makes an incredible catch near the wall, people talk about luck, but have they ever thought that these players are professionals and spend hours and hours practicing? This is the first factor: Hard work. And if you try to do the same, there is less than a 10 per cent probability that you can make that shot or catch. This is probability.

     When you try to change important things in your life while waiting for a stroke of luck, the only thing that comes is disappointment. When you put your economic future in the hands of luck, the only thing you get is to make the rich richer. Short cuts to grow exist, but they are very risky and volatile. Hard way is the only solid way to grow. Luck is just a fairy tale.

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