Last Love Poems: Who is she?

By Eddy Montilla.


Who is she?

She is a sky brushed with butterflies,

a new spring that starts to bloom,

summer’s early dawns telling you a new day is here

or that flower that we put inside a book of poems.

She is the dove that makes peace look peaceful,

a band of light stretching across the sky

or the secret of life in a drop of morning dew.

She is a smile, a look,

a siren song at the seashore.

Who is she?

A garden with geraniums,

a sincere song of a nightingale,

leaves that play with the wind,

the sound of my guitar, the light of my night,

a fleeting love that comes to my life.

Who is she?

The infinite innocence in a child’s look

or the first love that we never forget.

She is hope, she is happiness,

a chimney that keeps a house warm,

a tender and flowery kiss between two lovers.

It’s true. This is the way she is…

A promise that will be fulfilled,

My best poem, my best song.

Copyright 2014 All rights reserved.


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