Curiosities: Who invented contact lenses?

By Eddy Montilla.

Contact lenses

Millions of people use contact lenses worldwide to correct vision, to enhance vision and you can even find some people who use them to change the natural color of their eyes. But who invented them?

     Let me try to be careful with this topic because it seems that there is not a precise answer to this question. Some reports say that in 1887, F. E. Muller invented in Germany the first contact lens as we essentially know it today. Others reports also mention another European: Eugene Kalt, and to make the answer more difficult, we can say that 300 years prior to their experiments (1508), Leonardo da Vinci had already described and sketched the first ideas for contact lenses.

     So, what is the answer? Adolf Gaston Eugen Fick, a German ophthalmologist, constructed and fitted the first successful contact lens, and that’s why he is widely credited with the invention of it. Fick performed experiments on rabbit eyes. Later, he gave a try to himself and some volunteers.

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