(4) Four steps about how to respond to criticism

By Eddy Montilla.

Today, more than ever, many people seem to delight in leveling fierce criticism at others. Some people do that for different reasons: Envy, ignorance or because they just want to bother you. Since nobody can get rid of this problem, let’s find a way to deal with it properly with these 4 steps about how to respond to criticism.

Step 1: Don’t make the mistake of getting angry


     If you get angry at the person who criticizes you, then you are incautious and will fall into the trap because this is exactly what he or she wants you to do. If you get mad it would be tantamount to admitting that he or she is right. So, you will have lost the boxing match without entering the ring! There is no point in thinking too much about it because while you are fully awake suffering for what he or she said, this person will be sleeping peacefully. Do not lose your composure and remain calm throughout as if nothing had happened, and in doing so, your detractors will get confused since they were expecting anger instead of calmness.

Step 2: Be receptive


     This step is perhaps the most difficult part of all. As human beings (and I hope you belong to this group because I do not write for alien beings from outer space!) we have a tendency to attack or flee when we are attacked. However, remember what we said at the beginning: Some people make harsh comments or criticism for ignorance rather than evil deed, I mean, they never learned to give (receive) feedback. Behind these rude words, pieces of mockery and criticism, you might find perhaps a piece of truth of something wrong about your work or personality. There are always different areas to improve, so if you put feelings aside and try to be objective, you can find in criticism something that can help you to grow despite being muddy.

Step 3: Do not respond to criticism with insults


     How would you feel if you had to go back to school at your age and study in a classroom full of children? You would blush with embarrassment, right? Well, this is the only thing you can get by responding to criticism in the same way: You prove to have the same mentality as a kindergarten boy or girl if you go back to that period of time when you pushed me and I pushed you, you made fun of me and I made fun of you…

Step 4: Be practical and show facts and evidence


     Words are words: They only represent ideas and theories. Your opinion against another person’s opinion may result in a zero-sum game between the parties. Therefore, you must show facts and concrete actions that prove that your job or opinion is right. And leave the rest to Mister Time. Perhaps, your detractors will continue with their criticism, will continue hating you, but sooner or later, they will have to admit that your right or at least that you are not wrong.

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