Lessons of life: The lessons of the couples

By Eddy Montilla.


Every weekend, you can see, as usual, a lot people walking on the streets, going shopping or having lunch at some restaurant. Sometimes I think that some owners would love to have more than one Saturday or Sunday per week. Today, I had to take the same street four times and four times I experienced the same situation. It seems to be so incredible that I would not blame you if you think that I made this entire story up.

     The first time I took the street, I saw a couple of teenagers who were walking together and holding hands. Hours later, another couple, but this time they were 40 years old or so and walked together, but keeping certain distance. They were looking in different directions and, from time to time, one of them made a comment or a question that can be answered with a yes or no.

     Around 1:30pm, a 60-year-old couple. The man walked faster than his wife and frequently stopped to tell her: “Move on!” Finally, an elderly couple was holding hands. And this is what I learned: At 15-20, couples are holding hands. At 30-40, they just walk. At 50-60, couples keep distance and at 70-80, they hold hands again, but only because one of them cannot walk well!

     The same situation happens all around the world. If you want to walk again like the first couple of teenagers I mentioned before, let me give you a solution, not very romantic, but effective: Look back and ask yourself: Who has put up with your tantrums all these years? Who has helped you day by day? Who has been at your side in your darkest hours? The answer is only one: Your partner.

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