Last Love Poems: I fell in love again

By Eddy Montilla.


Those gloomy feelings are coming again…

And with then,

doubts and moments of hesitation,

faltering steps, abrupt stops

and lost looks are here too.

And those butterflies that once I had forgotten them

emerge from fire to bring my fate:

They presage with incandescent flight

the arrival of a romance

that never had a beginning, that never had an end.

My heart is covered with confusion again.

And it asks me the same question over and over:

Since when my reality became so absurd

that today absurdity has become my reality?

I go for a walk at nightfall, as usual

Trying to find reasons and explanations,

Trying to organize my thoughts,

running away from sibylline clouds

that threaten me with taking my biggest treasure:

Peace in my mind, peace in my heart.

They make me see images that I don’t want to remember,

feelings that I want to forget.

This is how fears and anxiety come to life.

Difficult days are back.

Time to wait is here,

minutes, in a couple of minutes, become hours;

and moments, eternal silence.

Yes. Difficult days are back

and encounters too:

chance encounters sometimes,

forced encounters almost all the time.

And I am always thinking what I should say

foreseeing situations that never happened.

At times, I believe that I have seen goblins,

mischievous goblins with pure heart that like to cause me trouble

by taking me to a world

where loneliness reigns, where memories live.

They take me with their winged feet to the highest sky

to achieve chimeras, and later,

make me crash and make me feel bad.

And then, at that time, something strange happens…

And moments of happiness are also coming too,

ephemeral moments with eternal look.

And I can see hills, mountains and rainbows,

stars laughing, lovers thinking.

Chaffinches talking and larks singing.

I write verses and read poems again

and live in an imaginary world,

a world tailor-made for me,

surrounded by peonies and pansies

beneath a cerulean sky by the sea:

I fell in love again.

Copyright 2013 All rights reserved.


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