Lessons of Live: The lessons of the children

By Eddy Montilla.


There is a kindergarten near the place where I work. Sometimes, I can see children having fun, running and chasing each other’s shadows, etc. Two days ago, I saw a child playing with a scoop and a bucket at the playground. Moments later, another child came and was playing few meters away with other toys. The child who had the scoop told him: “You can’t play here: It’s my territory!” Then, the other child dropped the toys on the ground and went to the teacher’s arms to cry freely.

     I went to my office, but I could not get down to work quickly (Don’t worry, as far as I know, my boss does not read my blogs!) and was thinking about what I saw at the kindergarten. What happened to these children is exactly the same as we see in our daily life: The world is wide, and therefore, every person has a perfect right to have some space, his or her own space. And the concept of space I am talking about is not physical only, but mental too. The problem is that we always find people who deliberately or inadvertently take their own space and try to take yours too. We don’t have many ways to solve this problem here: You have to “fight” for your right, you have to fight for your space. If the worst comes to the worst, we can let people trespass on your territory, on your heart, but do not let them take your space, your happiness and your peace of mind from you because if you are an adult, I don’t think that you will easily find arms to cry as that child did.

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