For strange people only

By Eddy Montilla.

I don’t usually start writing about a topic with a question, but this time, let me make an exception and ask you the following… What do you think of a person who…

has eaten the same thing for breakfast in the last 20 years: Two slices of toast, a small amount of margarine, an orange or apple, a banana, a teaspoon of honey, a cup of yogurt and a cup of coffee,

Good breakfast

only has two pairs of shoes to work or go out: One black pair and one brown pair used every other week,

Puts his (9) pairs of trousers in order and uses the first one that is on the far right, so that he does not have to think every day what pair of trousers he will put on


and only wears black underpants?


I have made this question to many people and almost all of them say the same answer: “This man is very strange!” Then, I say: “Thank you” and that is the end of the matter. They go home thinking that I said “thank you” for answering my question when in fact I did it for thinking of me because I am that “strange person”.

If you have been called strange, like me, instead of being sad, angry, worried or embarrassed, you should ask yourself: And… What’s wrong about being strange? If there is nothing wrong in what you are doing, if you don’t hurt any person or yourself, then, what is the problem? To be strange does not mean you are making a mistake. To be strange might be, moreover, something good. It could mean that you decided not to take a hackneyed path, not to live a trite life. It could mean, perhaps, that you are free. So next time someone calls you “strange”, I cannot say if you should take his or her words as a compliment, but I am sure that you should never feel bad for that comment.

Copyright 2013 All rights reserved.


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