(5) Five steps to have a productive and effective day

By Eddy Montilla.

Productive day

There are moments when we get up and are determined to do many things, but at the end of the day, we realize that we did nothing or could not make much progress as we expected. The same story happens next day and the following too. And then, you ask yourself how you can have a very effective and productive day. Let’s see the steps to achieve that goal.

Step 1: Get up early

Get up early

It is not a coincidence that great people who have marked the history of humanity (For example, Benjamin Franklin, Napoleon Bonaparte, etc.) and other people of power and influence at present, many of them get up early. Mornings are the most productive part of the day. By getting up early, you can make your day “longer”, and thus have more time to do many things. If you get up late, if you snuggle under the blankets for a long time, laziness will snuggle with you too.

Step 2: Have a good breakfast:


Breakfast is your first meal, and therefore, the base for the others. If you skip breakfast, your brain will do the same: It will skip good ideas because nobody can think well on an empty stomach. Being hungry affects your mental performance and will put you in a bad mood to the point where you don’t want to do anything.

Step 3: Get some exercise:


It is not necessary to lift weights for a whole hour, run 10 kilometers or do 50 push-ups every day, but you should get some exercise because it will make you feel refreshed and because it also has a psychological and positive effect by thinking that your body responds well. If you take the bus to go to work, for example, how about getting off the bus two or three kilometers before reaching the door of your workplace?

Step 4: Draw up a plan for your day:


If you leave your day to chance, then you will suffer the same fate as those who play the lottery: More than 99 percent of them lose their money and hope. We have to plan our day before leaving home and check in the evening what we did and, above all, what we didn’t.

Step 5: Do, see or listen to something that will make you happy:


Listen to a song, read a funny story or see a beautiful dawn or flower will fill your heart with optimism and happiness.

To have a productive and effective day is something that you can get one day by a stroke of luck. However, to have consecutive days like that one requires a lot of effort and you can only win it by dint of sheer hard work. If you can keep the rhythm of these steps for a month and keep them together, it will become a habit, a good and natural habit and you will not need to think about it anymore. There is no reason to wait until tomorrow. Let’s start today!

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