Lessons of Life: The lesson of the plant

By Eddy Montilla

The other day, I decided to walk home from my school. We are talking about 6 kilometers that usually help me to do some exercise and learn something from people who are walking in the streets and from nature too. For example, take a look at this picture below:


     There is a small plant in a place almost completely covered with cement and asphalt. For one of those things of life, less than one centimeter of ground remained uncovered, and from there, this little plant could emerge. I was watching it for a while and imagine its words to Mother Nature: “I don’t need thousands of acres, Mother Nature. Just give me one centimeter and I promise you that I will live.” Then, I thought about all these people who have a good and big house, obviously bigger than this centimeter, people who have a good job, money, but they don’t still feel satisfied with their life and spend their time thinking about how to get more and more while this little plant was only begging for a piece of land equivalent to one centimeter to live. Despite all your problems, misfortunes, etc., be happy for the most important fact that prevails over everything: YOU ARE ALIVE!

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