Solution to obesity in Mexico and the United States

By Eddy Montilla

Obesity is one of the few medical conditions that will kill you in a “happy way”, that is, eating. Voluntarily or not, one out of three people in the United States and Mexico have taken the path that leads to it. These two countries are at the top of list of the world’s most populous, obese countries, according to the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization.

     The causes of obesity have always been the same: Too many calories, low nutrition foods, sedentary lifestyle, etc. And the way to fighting it is to do quite the opposite. However, these solutions have not produced the best results possible since worldwide obesity has nearly doubled since 1980.

     Today, let me show a very interesting solution to obesity in Mexico and the United States, something that doctors would not probably tell you or use as a method to lose weight. If you are from Mexico, before having your lunch, think about these 28 million Mexicans that live in poverty and don’t have enough food. Think about it while masticating and swallowing your food. Think about all these people who almost certainly will go to sleep tonight without having had dinner. I am sure that you will never be a voracious eater again. The same idea applies to Americans: It only changes the place and figures.

     Let’s eat less and share more.

This article was originally published in the digital newspaper WORLD AND OPINION with Eddy Montilla.

Copyright 2013 All rights reserved.

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