Last Love Poems: To your way

By Eddy Montilla.


That’s the way I love you:

With fears and doubts,

with your curly hair,

with the body of a woman and the heart of a child,

with all your tantrums and caprices

because people judge, but love forgives

and it leaves its mark with each step,

like waves that bore through rocks

or dew over the grass.

That’s the way I love you:

Sometimes sane, sometimes crazy…

With your iris smile and coral eyes,

and cherry blossoms at your side,

singing to the clouds,

showing all your life

or pulling the petals off lilies

to set them free over my hands.

Your look takes a walk in my mind every night

and chat with my thoughts without reproaches.

The hours go by… And when I wake up

And I still see you there:

Not my “darling”, not my “honey”,

But “my first rays of the day”,

my “warm morning in spring”.

Yes. That’s the way I love you:

Like crystalline dreams that came true

or camellias cultivated by an old man,

like chrysalises turning into butterflies

like a flock of birds in the blue sky.

Copyright 2013 All rights reserved.


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