(4) Four steps to deal with controversial bosses, co-workers and problems at work.

By Eddy Montilla


When people are asked to talk about their happiest memories, they usually answer with stories over their school days and rarely about their time at work as if it were a terrible place to be. Adding your short or long commute to work and the time you need to prepare yourself, a person spends almost half a day on things related to his or her job. Since we are working for 40 years or more, I don’t think it is nice to spend half your life in a miserable way five days per week. So let’s see four steps on how to deal with a controversial boss, co-workers and problems at work.

     Step 1: Don’t try to divide your life from your job

     When people have problems at work, they tend to live a double life, something like “before and after my job”. But… Can you divide your head from your body? No, because they form an indivisible unit. Likewise, you don’t have to endure everything from 8:00pm to 6:00pm and try to be happy after that. Sooner or later, a double life will be more upsetting because during your working hours, you will be watching the clock and counting bitterly the minutes to leave, and once you leave there, you will be sad whenever you think that tomorrow you will have to come back again. It becomes a vicious circle and therefore the only solution is to solve your problems at work and be yourself.

     Step 2: Counteract your annoying boss and co-workers showing efficiency

     A work, a lot of bosses are like many kings, emperors and presidents: At first, they are as humble as pebbles under the water of a river, but gradually, intoxicated with power, they become arrogant and almost unbearable people. You can also find some co-workers who want to be your boss when he or she is absent or try to be promoted using the horrible method of denigrating the others. This is the moment when you would love to leave this job, run away from your reality and go somewhere. But when it comes to jobs, we don’t have enough room for youthful idealism. He or she is the boss and you… You are an employee. Therefore, the most viable option is to learn how to deal with this person. Besides, you cannot change your job whenever you find a man or woman who is difficult to work with. Then, how can you coexist with this boss or coworker who really bothers you?

     This is the answer: Be efficient. Be better than all of them, including your boss, of course. Learn and study as much as you can to become somehow “indispensable”. Work harder than ever to be one of the best at work because if you are “one among many other employees”, when you have some problems with your boss, he or she would not think twice to tell you: “You are fired!” However, things are different when you are good: Your voice (ideas) will be listened, you will be consulted about important things. It seems that you are (behind the curtain) another boss (a good one!). And something important: Someday you will go home jumping for joy and with your heart pounding with excitement by reading on the face of your boss the following message: “I don’t like this person at all, but I have to admit that he/she is good and I… I need him/her!

     Step 3: Don’t divide your co-workers into groups: I like these people and dislike the others

     During the first weeks of a new job, people begin to divide co-workers into two groups: I can work with Peter, Sally, etc., and I cannot stand the others. A terrible mistake because a job is not a game, like picking petals off a daisy while saying: “He loves me he loves me not”. A job is not a matter of likes or dislikes. It is something that takes a lot of effort and that’s why we receive a salary every month for doing it. Besides, there are more than seven billion people in the world and no matter what you do, you will like and dislike people and vice versa. Instead of making these mental and emotional divisions, see all co-workers like people with whom you have to do a job, to achieve a particular goal, and as all of you achieve your goals together, your working relationship with them will improve.

     Step 4: Love your job

     Do you know what geniuses, millionaires and successful people have in common? The fact that it seems they are working all the time, which is only possible when you love what you are doing. Love your job and not matter the problems you could have with your boss and co-workers, you will enter the door of your office with a broad smile while saying to everybody: “Good morning!”

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