(10) Ten poorest countries in the world and possible reasons

By Eddy Montilla

Sometimes, the best way to understand why some countries are rich is looking for reasons that explain why some countries are so poor. This is what we try to explain with the following list based on the countries’ GDP per capita, which is, the money that each citizen should receive if the country’s wealth were divided justly. The list was based on data from the International Monetary Fund inform for 2012.

     South Sudan is tenth in the rankings among the poorest countries in the world. Madagascar and Malawi are ninth and eighth respectively. Niger, Central African Republic and Eritrea are ranked seventh, sixth and fifth. Liberia is ranked fourth and Burundi third. The second poorest country is Zimbabwe and the Democratic Republic of the Congo is the poorest country in the world.

     Now let’s see possible reasons… These and other countries that are in the depths of poverty have several points in common, but there are two decisive factors, in my opinion, that exert a strong and bad influence on the worsening of these countries’ economies: First, they were colonized and second, they don’t have continental climate.

     The worst damage that European countries inflicted on Africa and Latin America was not to take their gold away, to sell people as slaves, etc., but to have filled people’s head with slave mentality. In these countries, many people cannot move forward if they don’t feel the pressure of a boss, club or weapon. Many people have not developed their creative capacity because they were historically taught to obey orders and wait for them. Civil wars and dictators are not the cause of these countries’ poverty, but a result of colonialism: The exploited of today is waiting for the best moment to become the exploiter of tomorrow.

     As for the climate, in order to understand this situation, just take a look at some animals, like ants, for example. They work very hard to store food because they know that they can’t get anything during a severe winter. These countries enjoy in general good temperature and mild winter. They don’t feel compelled to some extent to work harder to fight against the inclemency of the weather and the mildness, generosity and passivity of their climate can be seen in their own personality and their way of living. Since weather cannot be changed, these countries should change at least the way of thinking to be able to lift their people out of their poverty.

This article was originally published in the digital newspaper WORLD AND OPINION with Eddy Montilla.

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