Last Love Poems: Looking at you

By Eddy Montilla.


To think that I don’t love you is to delude myself,

and nobody can hide the truth or love.

You are a holly oak that has grown very tall

and I…

I’m just a lark looking for my soul,

doing the only thing that I can do:

Looking at you, just looking at you.

I have missed you so many times

that hundreds of times I yearned to have you with me,

to caress your skin with fingers of tenderness,

to make your dreams fertile in the moonlight,

to let time run without time or rush,

to stop feeling you so distant and sometimes so close.

Your body, as torture, puts me up against the wall,

your eyes banish me from your lips,

lips that only offer kisses of loneliness, kisses of grief.

Many years have passed…

I grew up thinking of you

and I became a wrinkled old man

trying to forget you.

But still sometimes, on rainy days,

your name suddenly came to me.

Then I close my eyes, don’t think anything

and patiently wait until sunny days come

to sit in the shade of my own reality.

There, I do the only thing I can do:

Looking at you, just looking at you.

Copyright 2013 All rights reserved.


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