(5) Five steps to overcome the fear of doing something new

By Eddy Montilla.


Fear of doing something new makes us give up things that we want to do and will invite us to do the same thing all the time. Then, there is no fear, but there is no growth either because change means development. Here you have five (5) steps that will help you to overcome the fear of starting something new.

     Step 1. Change of focus, think different: To be afraid is frequently a result of uncertainty rather than your ability or incompetence to do something. Enemies always look fiercer in the dark. When you don’t know what to expect, you will be plagued by fears and that’s why it is necessary to change the way we see this problem: The truth is that we are not doing anything new. We are just taking the path that thousands of people around the world have already taken. If you are going to learn how to dance tango, for example, remember that before you decided to learn this beautiful dance, thousands of people have learned it already. Even your teacher learned from another teacher, and the last one from another and so on… If you dont’ label your activities with the words “something new”, you will gradually gain confidence and be in better position to start. If many people did it before, there is no reason you can’t do it at present.

     Step 2. Look at the end rather than the beginning: It is as simple as you read it: If you are afraid of the beginning, then think about the end. That will charge your batteries with joy to defeat your apprehension. If you want to do a cookery course and you are “terrified” at the thought of dealing with recipes because you are very weak at this point, then you can think about the satisfaction of seeing your family, friends and guests say in disbelief: “The dinner was delicious!” or “Did you make this yourself?” To see how wonderful the end is will give you the courage to start as soon as possible.

     Step 3. Keep your motivation high: Nothing starts without the first move and nothing finishes without motivation. Motivation is the root that let grow everything. Without it, your projects might emerge, but they will not go far. With it, you can even say: “I know no fear!” The following example is my own story, my own experience:

     Some years ago, I decided to start publishing my think pieces in my own Web site, which implied to learn HTML, a programming language to design the pages. I bought a couple of books and got down to work. To learn so many codes is not my idea of fun. However, when I saw that I could design my own page the way I wanted, then, this HTML became one of my allies rather than my enemy. Keep your motivation high and your fear will disappear like a glass of orange juice on a hot summer day.

     Step 4. Gain confidence: Fear and confidence are inversely proportionate: The more confidence you gain the less fear you feel. And how can you gain confidence? Well, with the golden rule that can be used to get almost all things you want get: Divide your goals and begin with the small ones, the simple ones. Think about how comfortable and highly sophisticated cars are today. However, they started with a very simple idea: The invention of the wheel. If you want to learn to swim, your goal today could be to enter into a pool and play with water. If you want to learn to dance, your goal could be to listen to music. For some people, such kinds of things look silly, but to achieve goals, no matter how simple they can be, will give you the strength of will and character to keep your projects going. Remember: If fear is contagious, confidence is contagious too.

     Step 5. Avoid comparing yourself to others: For many people, even though they don’t admit it publicly, what really makes them feel fear is not the idea of starting something new itself, but comparing to others who do the same as you do. If your classmates are learning faster than you, that should be the least of your worries because learning has never been some horse racing. The most important thing is that you are also learning and doing what you love. Besides, they are they and YOU ARE YOU.

     Try to follow these steps and you will see that you will defeat one of the worst enemies that we have in life: Mr. Fear

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