The money weakness: What you can’t buy with it

By Eddy Montilla

Lest there be any misunderstanding, let’s start with this idea: Money is not something bad; otherwise, I am sure that neither you nor I would work to earn it as salary. Money is just a common medium of exchange. Since we can’t eat yen, dollars, euros, pesos, etc., we go to a supermarket and change it for fruits, rice and other things. The problem is that people overvalued it when it was personified as “Mr. Money” and later deified as “Money god” with the passage of time. And you can find traces of irony when many people spend most of their energy and life trying to get rich because they think that money is strong, and therefore, will make them stronger, when in fact it is essentially weak because people cannot buy the most important things in life with it. Let’s see:


Money versus love: With money, you can buy the body of a beautiful woman who will say: “Pay me and goodbye”, but you can’t have the love of a wife who, after a bad day at work, will caress your hair and tell you: “Tomorrow will be a better day.”

Money versus health: Money can open the door for you at any hospital where you want to go. You can get the best medicine possible and be cured. However, you can’t buy health forever with it. And the most important thing: You cannot buy your emotional health, your mental peace with it.

Money versus family: You can get a luxury house, but that does not mean you have a home, as the saying goes: Home sweet home. You can have dozens of children because you have money to feed them, but it does not mean you earned the right to be called “dad”.

Money versus friends: Money always brings hundreds of sycophants with it, but never a friend.

Money versus respect: Because of money, employees can be submissive to you, but you cannot earn respect from them.

Money versus life: The most expensive coffin can be bought with money, but nobody can prolong his or her life.

Do not let your life be ruled by something weak, like money is. As I said before, give money its real value: A medium of exchange and you will see how better your life will be, with a lot of money or without it.

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