A good laugh: The chatty parrot

By Eddy Montilla


Tired to hear that his parties were boring, a man decided to buy a parrot to entertain his guests. The bird had been trained to say several expressions on rainy days.

During a storm, the man invited his friends to his house and the parrot said: “Oh, boy. This water pisses me off!”

“Who said that?” One of the guests asked.

“Another assh…le who asks,” the pet said, and they all burst out laughing.

“From today, no more boring parties,” the man thought. And everything was fine until he invited all his friends and neighbors to his house for his son’s baptism. When the priest poured water over the child’s head, the parrot said: “Washing his hair? Wow!

“Who said that?” The priest asked, a little bit upset.

And the baptism was over because you know already the parrot’s answer.

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