What’s better, a tablet or a laptop?


By Eddy Montilla


     What you have at present on your table is the best gadget, no matter how old it may be, because it is solving your problems. So, let’s reformulate the question: What is the most convenient thing for you, a tablet or laptop (PC)?

     Whenever experts write about this kind of topics, they usually say that we have to take into consideration different factors, such as price, weight, displacement, etc. and… They are right. However, in my opinion, you can put aside all these details because only one thing is indeed relevant and will determine the best product for you: Its use.

     According to a report from market research company IDC (International Data Corporation), by 2015, tablets sales will surpass not just laptops, but all PCs. But that doesn’t mean computers are inferior or it’s necessary to buy a tablet over a laptop. What this piece of information really means is a tablet, at present, satisfies better than other gadgets most people’s needs: To take pictures, see videos and spend hours on social networking sites, that is, to have fun.

     With a tablet, you can take a picture or record and share videos, but you can’t edit them on a professional level: You need a computer. With a tablet, you can do a little arithmetic, but you cannot use it for complicated graphs or analytical methods of research because tablets today don’t have capacity to run a piece of software to do the tasks mentioned before. Then, computers are still better in terms of efficiency and productivity.

     But, if personal computers and laptops are still better, why do people rush to computer stores to buy tablets? It’s just because average people would rather be entertained than educated, and when it comes to having fun, an iPad and other tablets have an array of entertaining applications to make you spend hours in front of them. Finally, this is my piece of advice for you: If you want to learn and grow, I recommend you to keep the idea of working with laptops or PCs until tablets get an acceptable efficiency level.

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